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Small Town Life

Living in a small town like Houma is certainly different than my “big city that I’ve lived in for almost 16 years” life. The city is a whole 14 sq. miles and about an hour away from a major city. Of the 14 sq. miles some is nice and cute…while the rest…..isn’t too much my cup of tea. I found this little shack driving around called Brooke’s Sno World. I drove past it and found a bridge to turn on and come back to it! Although, I could barely eat half of it..the cream with the strawberry was delicious. They had a good 30 different flavors you could pick from!


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Louisiana Food

I have to say, the food in Louisiana is spot on!

After gathering a few recommendations from coworkers, my mom and I went to Big Al’s. We got the char-grilled oysters, a crawfish sandwhich, and stuffed crabs. All three were absolutely yummy.

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On the way to the New Orleans airport, we decided to make a stop at the infamous Cafe Du Monde for their famous beingets. These little squares covered in powder sugar are just something else.

The lady making them was hilarious…she had a sheet of the dough cut out to put into the fryer. She was using this long skinny spatula to grab a row at a time…followed by literally flinging them into the fryer. It was quite the sight to see. None the less, the little squares came out perfectly.