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Small Town Life

Living in a small town like Houma is certainly different than my “big city that I’ve lived in for almost 16 years” life. The city is a whole 14 sq. miles and about an hour away from a major city. Of the 14 sq. miles some is nice and cute…while the rest…..isn’t too much my cup of tea. I found this little shack driving around called Brooke’s Sno World. I drove past it and found a bridge to turn on and come back to it! Although, I could barely eat half of it..the cream with the strawberry was delicious. They had a good 30 different flavors you could pick from!


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1st Journey of 2014

My first out of Houston rotation is in Berwick, Louisiana! After living in Houston for 15 years..I have finally traveled east of Houston!

Can’t wait to indulge in craw fish, seafood, gumbo, etouffee, beingets, and alligator!!

1st Journey of 2014

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