Do Something.

After days and days of not feeling the best that I can be. I am going to commit today to hit the gym regularly, cut the carbs and fried food, and live a better life style.


Here goes nothing.



I’m so excited!!!

Flights to Leeds and Celle for work are booked!

Flights for the honeymoon to Belize are also BOOKED! πŸ˜€ 200 days ❀

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Small Town Life

Living in a small town like Houma is certainly different than my “big city that I’ve lived in for almost 16 years” life. The city is a whole 14 sq. miles and about an hour away from a major city. Of the 14 sq. miles some is nice and cute…while the rest…..isn’t too much my cup of tea. I found this little shack driving around called Brooke’s Sno World. I drove past it and found a bridge to turn on and come back to it! Although, I could barely eat half of it..the cream with the strawberry was delicious. They had a good 30 different flavors you could pick from!


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Louisiana Food

I have to say, the food in Louisiana is spot on!

After gathering a few recommendations from coworkers, my mom and I went to Big Al’s. We got the char-grilled oysters, a crawfish sandwhich, and stuffed crabs. All three were absolutely yummy.

IMG_6624 IMG_6622

On the way to the New Orleans airport, we decided to make a stop at the infamous Cafe Du Monde for their famous beingets. These little squares covered in powder sugar are just something else.

The lady making them was hilarious…she had a sheet of the dough cut out to put into the fryer. She was using this long skinny spatula to grab a row at a time…followed by literally flinging them into the fryer. It was quite the sight to see. None the less, the little squares came out perfectly.


Fjord Norway??

A friend of my mine from high school posted pictures of Norway and its amazingness. I took a look into it. This just got added onto the list of places to go πŸ˜€


They call this the troll’s tongue.

ahhh.. need to plan so much πŸ™‚

New Joint Venture?

Being an employee of a joint venture, it is interesting to see other companies following in the same footsteps.

May the best company succeed.

1st Journey of 2014

My first out of Houston rotation is in Berwick, Louisiana! After living in Houston for 15 years..I have finally traveled east of Houston!

Can’t wait to indulge in craw fish, seafood, gumbo, etouffee, beingets, and alligator!!

1st Journey of 2014

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Stress Relief

In between wedding planning and moving for work, my stress relief has been crafts and pinterest (actually this might make me more stressful at times….).

One of my friends has influenced me to take an interest in painting. So..I made a trip to Joanns..used all my coupons and got some basic painting supplies: easel, canvases, paints, brushes, and pallets for about $30. woohoo.

Final Results:


I’m thinking about painting a gray accent wall in one of our rooms after we move in. Thinking about a contrast color of yellow or red for decorations..maybe..both depending on the time of the year..

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Mehndi Decorator..side job? NO THANKS.

I have to give props to the people that do stage decor for a living. tape, thumb tacks, nails, straight pins, and rubber bands are just annoying once you’ve finished up one stage.

My cousin got engaged recently in Dallas and his mom asked me to make a backdrop for the mehndi they were going to have at their house. I’m not sure how this all came together…but it did!



A few years ago, I also did my sister’s mehndi stage. I went a little more “all out” and used pvc pipes to create a structure and draped cloth onto it.


I think my stage decoration days are over…I’m too much of a perfectionist to be able to handle this stuff πŸ˜›

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That 64 Count Crayon Box

You’d be lying if you said you never wanted that box of 64 crayons WITH the sharpener in the back. Come on, you know what I’m talking about…

ImageDon’t get too jealous…. πŸ˜›

A few friends and I met up for some stress relieving art time. My results were as follows!

We used blow dryers to melt the crayons to create the look!


Β Nerdy but artsy. Totally me, I suppose.

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